Title: UnknownVivo Per Lei
Artist: UnknownAndrea Bocelli - Laura Pausini
Album: UnknownVivo per lei
Played: 109 times

10 Day Song Challenge: Day 10 A Song in Another Language

Italian. I was ready to put a song in my language, but it was too large, so I decided to put something totally different and unusual. Well my sister always tells me that I have an unusual love for music, especially for a young, but this song, this song is enthralling. I do not if ever you heard Andrea Bocelli or Laura Pausini, I can only tell you that it is music, harmony, rhythm, voice, I do not know how to explain. Just listen.

Title: UnknownOffering
Artist: UnknownThird Day
Album: UnknownOfferings II: All I Have to Give
Played: 789 times

10 Day Song Challenge: Day 09 - A Song that Reminds you to thank

Penultimate song and how many reasons to thank, this song explain everything with just a sentence “Of all the things You have created but still You choose to think of me “. I’ll always be grateful and it will never be enough

Title: UnknownWalk By Faith
Artist: UnknownJeremy Camp
Album: UnknownStay
Played: 673 times

10 Day Song Challenge: Day 08 - A Song about your “First Love”

I’ve never told this story to anyone, but my “first love” loved the songs of Jeremy Camp and he taught me to enjoy too. That song it played at our first meeting. In short, I really thought he was “the person”, but we had different thoughts and this song helped me to remember him and at the same time to forget him, because it reminds me that even though everything seems to go the wrong way, which we have to do is trust in God.

Title: UnknownHow He Loves Us
Artist: UnknownKim Walker
Album: UnknownJesus Culture
Played: 219 times

10 Day Song Challenge: Day 07 - A Song by one of your Favorite Bands

One of my favorite band has been Jesus Culture since much time and my favorite song has been “How He Loves Us” how I can imagine is also of a lot of people. This song is a.m.a.z.i.n.g, how amazing is our God.

Title: UnknownEverything
Artist: UnknownLifehouse
Album: UnknownNo Name Face
Played: 299 times

10 Day Song Challenge: Day 06 - A Song with the better lyrics

So this was infinitely hard and I have so many but I chose “Lifehouse” and the song “Everything” This song is my favorite ever from this band. Some people says that is not worship, but I for sure believe in this. For me is pure worship straight from the heavens.